The RISE governance is assured by the Project Coordinator, the General Assembly (GA), and the Management Board (MB). The management of the project relies on the Project Office, at ETH Zurich.

Project Coordination

The Project Coordinator (Prof. Stefan Wiemer) is responsible for the global coordination and organization of activities, oversight of technical, scientific, legal and financial issues, and reporting all activities to the GA. The Project Office, including the RISE Manager, the Communication Officer, and an administrative/financial officer responsible for the operational and financial administration of RISE as well as for the provision of required documentation to the European Commission, assists him.

General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is composed of one representative of each beneficiary named in the proposal. It is the body responsible for the grant and maintains the overview of the RISE project and its progress according to the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement. The GA decides on issues concerning the Grant Agreement and associated relationships with the European Commission through the Coordinator and it establishes appropriate guidelines for assessing and monitoring the project achievements.

Management Board

The Management Board (MB) is in charge of the operational management (decision process, risk assessment, information flows) of the RISE implementation and of ensuring the cohesion of the whole RISE community.


Prof. Stefan Wiemer, ETH Zurich (Coordinator)

Dr. Banu Mena Cabrera, ETH Zurich (Project Manager, WP1 Leader)

Prof. Ian Main, UEDIN (WP2 Leader)

Prof. Warner Marzocchi, UNINA (WP3 Leader)

Prof. Iunio Iervolino, UNINA (WP4 Leader)

Dr. Rémy Bossu, EMSC (WP5 Leader)

Dr. Helen Crowley, Eucentre (WP6 Leader)

Dr. Danijel Schorlemmer, GFZ (WP7 Leader)

Dr. Michèle Marti, ETH Zurich (WP8 Leader)

Scientific Advisory and International Partner Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) oversees the project development progress, outreach and dissemination activities, the integration with EPOS and the overall impact of RISE.


Ned Field, USGS

Prof. Enescu Bogdan, Kyoto University

Prof. Egill Hauksson, Caltech

Dr. Matt Gerstenberger, GNS

Prof. Tom Jordan, USC

Prof. Aldo Zollo, UNINA

Prof. Ramon Zuniga, UNAM

Dr. Naoshi Hirata, ERI

Stakeholder Panels

The Stakeholder Panel advises RISE on the needs and requirement of end-user communities and ensures an ongoing dialogue between RISE participants and stakeholders.

Work Package Leaders

RISE comprises 8 work packages (WP). Each WP is under the lead of a designated institution and a WP leader.

WP1: Dr. Banu Mena Cabrera, ETH Zurich

WP2: Prof. Ian Main FRSE, UEDIN

WP3: Prof. Warner Marzocchi, UNINA

WP4: Prof. Iunio Iervolino, UNINA

WP5: Dr. Rémy Bossu, EMSC

WP6: Dr. Helen Crowley, EUCENTRE

WP7: Dr. Danijel Schorlemmer, GFZ

WP8: Dr. Michèle Marti, ETH Zurich

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