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"How to best involve different stakeholders in the design process of products and services to communicate multi-hazard information?"
EGU Conference 2021 (Virtual Pico Presentation)
RISE members: Michèle Marti and Irina Dallo

"Ensemble Earthquake Forecasting with a Logistic Regression Model"
Seismological Society of America – Annual Meeting 2021 (Virtual)
Link to poster:
RISE members: Marcus Herrmann and Warner Marzocchi

"Inconsistencies and lurking pitfalls in the magnitude-frequency distribution of high-resolution earthquake catalogs"
Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) 2020 Annual Meeting (Virtual)
Link to poster and further information
RISE members: Marcus Herrmann and Warner Marzocchi

"OMG, Earthquake!: Pursuing Rapid Situational Awareness for Earthquakes Globally through Citizen Seismology"
Citizen Science Conference 14–15 October 2020.
Link to download the presentation
RISE members: Rémy Bossu and EMSC Team

"Understanding public’s preferences for information provided on multi-hazard platforms"
EGU General Assembly 2020, Vienna, Austria 4–8 May 2020
Link to presentation and further information
RISE member: Irina Dallo, Michael Stauffacher and Michèle Marti