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RISE in brief

Earthquakes are the deadliest natural hazard. Developing tools and measures to reduce future human and economic losses is the aim of RISE. RISE stands for Real-time earthquake rIsk reduction for a reSilient Europe and is a three-year project financed by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission. It started in September 2019 and will end in August 2022. RISE is coordinated by ETH Zurich, it brings together 19 organisations from across Europe and five international partners.


Several RISE papers (some of them co-funded by the Turnkey project) dealing with crowdsourced data and public earthquake communication have recently been published. Four papers are part of the special issue of the open-access online Frontiers journal “The Power of Citizen Seismology: Science and Social Impacts” edited by Rémy Bossu, Kate Huihsuan Chen and Wen-Tzong Liang.

These four RISE papers published in the Frontiers journal cover interactions with the public, how seismological community can benefit from such interaction for rapid situation awareness and a method to speed-up seismic locations of felt earthquakes. You can find all papers here: 

Are you interested in more RISE publications? Here you will find the list with all our publications.


*The image for this news item is adapted from: Bossu et al. (2020), "Rapid Public Information and Situational Awareness After the November 26, 2019, Albania Earthquake: Lessons Learned From the LastQuake System"


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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the annual RISE Meeting is likely to be postponed to Spring 2021 and be held as RISE Mid-Term Conference